Pamper Yourself and Pamper the Earth Too

Aquatera has taken Eco-Luxury to a whole new level of innovation!  Residents can now get 100% of the energy from the sun while being a part of one of the first communities in the nation to offer “net zero” living to its residents!  This innovative solar technology is a model for sustainable energy use and eco-friendly living.  Aquatera residents can now get all of the needed energy from the sun, enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and save money on electricity.  All of this is possible without sacrificing a bit of the resort-style living experience.  This means we pamper the earth just as much as we pamper our residents- which is something you can feel great about. a home so innovative and advanced that the sun provides all your smart living.  Smart thermostats with web-enabled remote an oasis of sustainability.  Drought tolerant landscaping requires minimal to no the most exciting and innovative apartment community in the a home you can feel good about. High efficiency washers use up to 40% less NetZero Eco luxury that Aquatera is today.  Where tomorrow is today.

Immerse Yourself

Eco-Features for Maximum Living with Minimal Impact


  • Oil

    Oil Icon

    3,839 Barrels

  • Carbon

    Carbon Icon

    3,589,631 lbs

  • Generated to Date

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    2,393,087 kWh

  • Trees

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    8,974 Trees

Energy Efficient IconEnergy Efficiency

  • Aquatera features 1,648 solar panels, a 821 kilowatt photovoltaic system that provides up to 100% of the electricity to the community including the apartments
  • Community and apartments are equipped with Nest smart thermostats with web enabled remote control to maximize efficiency
  • Electric Vehicle Charging stations are available within the community
  • All apartments have high efficiency laundries-the dryers are natural gas and the washing machines have a water factor of 5.0
  • Solar Energy is used to assist in heating the pool and spa
  • Dual-glazed, Low-E, vinyl windows have been installed to reduce heat from the sun as well as heat loss in cooler months-thus increasing energy efficiency and lowering kilowatt usage
  • The Community Center includes solar shades in the Sports Club to prevent heat gain thereby maximizing energy efficiencies
  • High SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioning in employed to lower energy costs (up to 40%), reduce hot spots and excess humidity, and yields longer equipment life expectancy

Water Efficiency IconWater Efficiency

  • Synthetic turf which requires no irrigation has been used throughout the community in lieu of natural grass
  • An underground well is utilized for common area watering needs
  • Irrigation controllers with on site weather stations maximize irrigation effectiveness.
  • Irrigation was designed with high efficiency rotor heads and drip systems
  • Our landscaping incorporates native California and Mediterranean plants which are drought tolerant and requires relatively low supplemental irrigation
  • The community contains high-efficiency toilets that use only 1.28 gallons per flush

Green Construction IconGreen Construction

  • Aquatera exceeds California’s Energy Efficiency standards for Residential and Non Residential Buildings (Title 24) by more than 15%
  • Use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints which have fewer hazardous fumes or toxins
  • The building insulation elements have been installed under the inspection of the HERS rating agency
  • The HVAC ducts have been tested (HERS rater) for leakage to insure the highest possible energy efficiency

Green Lifestyle IconGreen Lifestyle

  • All cleaning products used by employees and vendors are Green Seal, Ecologo, or Design for the Environment Certified
  • Community recycling program has dedicated bins for glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic materials
  • Aquatera is situated within walking distance to many employers, retailer and entertainments attractions that reduce the need for automobile transportation
  • Saltwater pool eliminates chemical exposure to skin, eyes, hair and clothing
  • Reusable tote bags and water bottles are supplied to every residents upon move in
  • Leasing Office staff conducts business as paperless as possible
Solar Generation IconAquatera's Solar Generation