H.G. Fenton Company Electronic Communication Rules

  1. Description of the Leasing Process

By clicking on the “apply online” button you will be taken to the web page that contains our online rental application. You will need to provide certain information, including without limitation, the following items in order to be able to complete the application:

Social Security Number
Driver’s License
Current Address
Current Landlord contact info
Employment Information

If you decide not to apply online you may print a copy of the application and fax, email, mail or drop it off to the leasing office.

Once we have received and reviewed your application you will be contacted by a H.G. Fenton employee. We will need a credit check fee of $50 for each person applying for the apartment as well as a holding deposit of $100. Payment may be made using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or by check.

Once your application is approved we will make arrangements for you complete a rental agreement and provide us with written proof of income or ability to pay rent.

  1. Acceptance of Electronic Communications Rules, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy,

By clicking your agreement to these Electronic Communications Rules, the Terms of Use (“Terms”) and Privacy Policy, you affirmatively indicate your acceptance of and agreement to the terms of each of these rules and policies. These Electronic Communications Rules are made a part of, and incorporated into, the Terms by reference. 

In addition, by submitting your application electronically, you are acknowledging acceptance of any terms on the application and you are waiving any challenge to the validity of your application based on the electronic nature of your submission. This means that simply because you are submitting this electronically, it is no less valid than if you had physically signed it.

If you submit your application electronically, then you are also agreeing that we may contact you about your application materials via email or other electronic means. You may choose to revoke your consent to subsequent electronic communications by contacting the community to which you have applied. By electing to submit an electronic application, you confirm that you have access to a personal computer with browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader; and Internet access.

By submitting the application electronically the applicant hereby acknowledges his/her endorsement and acceptance of this agreement, and he/she waives any challenge to the validity of this rental application agreement based on the applicant’s submission by electronic means.

You agree to maintain an active primary email address and to update your designated email address on this site from time to time, as necessary. If you do not keep this email updated you may miss important communications from us about your application or other electronic records.

If you ever need a copy of the electronic records that we have on file for you, you can contact us by calling (855) 825-9430.