Hello Aquatera



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My name is Malake.  I am the new addition to the wonderful team here at Aquatera and am definitely excited to join all of you!

I am an outgoing person who loves traveling and learning about new cultures, foods and mingling with people.  I’ve lived in many different countries but grew up in Lebanon where I went to French school and learned to speak French, English, Arabic and later on picked up Spanish in San Diego.

So, if you speak any of these languages, come say hello and we can practice!!

I also enjoy cooking, reading, playing Tennis, working out, and almost any outdoor activity.  Just love being outside!

My ultimate passion however, are my two boys.  One is headed to college in a few weeks and the other will follow in a few years.  They are my absolute pride and joy, and all I want to talk about.  So if you ever stop by and I go on and on about them, feel free to stop me. Lol…

As for my professional background, I have previously worked in the Real Estate industry catering mainly to foreign investors especially from the Middle East.  My passion is to help people, and to be able to educate them and arm them with the right information so they may make informed decisions whether it’s in investing or anything else within my expertise.

I have also worked in the Hospitality industry and assisted in the opening of a brand new hotel and was on the forefront of forming the marketing and revenue maximization strategy.  During my time there, I realized that I had a passion for Marketing and decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in that field.  I have recently graduated from SDSU with honors and am glad to be done with school and on to my new adventure at Aquatera.

I look forward to meeting all of you and helping you in any way that I can.