Three Types of Carbs and their effect on your body

KCBy: Kyle Carpenter



One of the most misunderstood aspects of any diet is the subject of carbs and how to incorporate them. Carbs are often categorized as good or bad, but it is not necessarily this simple. Everyone needs to have carbs included in their diet, as they are the body’s natural source of energy. You can find carbohydrates in three forms: sugar, starch, and fiber and all should be a part of your diet. Even sugar can be a healthy choice depending on the food source that you get it from!

The difference between a simple and complex carbohydrate has to do with the number of sugar molecules that are present. A “simple” sugar will assimilate more quickly to your blood stream and result in a quick spike in energy, as opposed to a starch which provides a more slow and steady release of energy. The common misconception here is that sugars are bad, but when consumed in the form of fresh fruits or even vegetables it can provide a great benefit, the reason being that you get the added nutrients/vitamins that are found in these foods. When you consume a sugar additive you do not get these added nutrients but still consume the calories that are found in sugar, otherwise known as “empty calories”.

The fact is that you do need carbohydrates in your diet and it is more about the way you consume them as far as weight loss is concerned. Sugar’s are more easily processed by the body and provide for an immediate spike in glucose which can be used as energy very quickly. Starches will be processed more slowly by the body and will result in a steady release of energy over the course of the day. Starches will digest at varying rates depending on the source, some sources such as fiber will digest slowly and provide a feeling of fullness throughout the day. The consumption of fiber over the course of your day will help keep your blood sugar steady by slowing down the absorption of carbs into your system