What is your New Years Resolution??? I have mine!!

This year is set up to kick off the right way!!! I have learned a lot in the last 15 years of living in California and the biggest thing to learn is GET INVOLVED!!! There is so much to do and see! To this day, I am still experiencing new things.  In this wonderful city, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it all!! SO! To start the new year off right, I think we should all make a New Years Resolution that once a month, YOU DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE!!! It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be different! Something that you can look at the calendar and look forward to.  We are all crazy busy.  We all go to work and come home, make dinner, clean, watch tv, hit up our social media, go to bed.  Let’s mix it up and add some spice to life!!! If you need brain storming ideas- here are some really great events going on in San Diego for January!!!

1- San Diego Restaurant Week!!! This is a San Diego classic!!! Almost 200 restaurants participate.  It is from Jan 17-Jan 24

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2- Torrey Pines attracts a lot of tourism every year.  Awesome Golf Course (I’m told).  The Annual PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open is Jan 28- Jan 31…If you are into following dudes around the green as they hit a ball with  stick…this is for you!

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3- San Diego BEER fest! Who doesn’t love a good beer! as a matter of fact….no other details are needed!  Jan 16

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I hope that you have an amazing January and see ya next month!!!